Beatrice and Antoine's wedding - Chateau de Puyrigaud

Wedding at Château de Puyrigaud: Beatrice and Antoine's colorful nuptials

When I met Beatrice and Antoine, I knew immediately that they were made for each other. I had rarely seen such complicity and complementarity in a couple. They’re so warm and smiling! Used to working as a professional photographer in Bordeaux and the surrounding area, I was delighted to have a change of scenery and head for the Charente-Maritime region. Head for Château de Puyrigaud in Léoville, for a wedding party full of love and joy. I’ll take you behind the scenes of this emotional day.

A warm welcome at a Charente Maritime estate

A prestigious 15th-century residence recently renovated, Le Château de Puyrigaud is full of charm, with its old stonework, exposed beams and flower-filled grounds. The old mansion overlooks the Charente vineyards not far from the sea, and offers an idyllic setting for a wedding shoot. Recognizable by its round and square towers, the château is made up of several old buildings grouped around a flower-filled courtyard, hidden from view. It’s a setting full of authenticity and tradition that the bride and groom chose to celebrate their union.

Located in the Jonzac district, in the small commune of Léoville, the estate has all the ingredients for a successful wedding. The reception room is brimming with romance, with its refined lighting and luxurious decor. The great asset of this estate is its 4-hectare park and rose garden. Guests were able to stroll freely under the hundred-year-old trees and toast the couple’s health in a calm, lush setting, entirely reserved for the occasion. It’s hard to imagine a better ceremony!

Preparations and arrival of the bride and groom at Château de Puyrigaud

Béatrice chose a place full of memories for her pre-wedding preparations: her family home. She had kept her maiden bedroom intact, with all its mementos: portraits, jewels, and so on. A room she knows by heart and feels at home in. I was able to take some splendid photos full of emotion during the preparations. The bride will be able to keep photos of her make-up and hairstyle for a long time to come. We enjoyed the last few moments before leaving for the town hall.

Beatrice and Antoine love old cars. Béatrice was pleasantly surprised to discover her carriage: a vintage car, decorated for the occasion. The photos of this moment shared with his mom are brilliant. On the road to finding your lover and saying yes!

A moving ceremony in Léoville town hall

I attended an original and very intimate civil wedding, as the town’s mayor was none other than… Beatrice’s dad! He therefore had the chance to pronounce the marriage of his own daughter. It’s the first time I’ve seen a mayor so moved by two future spouses! The ceremony was touching, alternating between laughter and tears. In the gallery, you can see the dad proudly posing alongside his daughter. I’m honored to have been a privileged witness to these tender moments.

Once the vows had been taken, the newlyweds headed for the church, accompanied by their guests and the mayor. I immortalized beautiful moments of happiness. The bride and groom loved the best man speeches. And it’s hard not to fall for the complicity between Beatrice and Antoine. They really are a beautiful couple, and the photos speak for themselves! I took the opportunity to sneak in and photograph the smiles on the faces of the guests.

A festive atmosphere in the château park

After the religious ceremony, we headed for the Château de Puyrigaud. I was delighted when the bride and groom got into the little vintage car. I love the photo of Antoine kissing Beatrice’s forehead. It’s one of the privileges of my job as a photographer, to immortalize moments of happiness while spouses enjoy the moment to the full.

We organized the wedding shoot in the château courtyard. All the ingredients were there for original, romantic shots: the vintage car, the old stones for an authentic touch, the roses in the park. The bride and groom were playful and complicit. We enjoyed perfect conditions. The bright colors of the flowers make for a very dynamic and cheerful photo shoot.

When you bring together soccer fans and fun-loving people, and provide them with smoke bombs in a variety of colors, you get an explosive cocktail! An original shoot for the bride and groom and their guests. For a professional photographer, it’s a real treat to be able to capture such vivid moments with one hell of a team.

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