Melis and Mathieu's wedding - Chateau La Fourtonie

Wedding at Château la Fourtonie in the Dordogne, Melis and Mathieu's ceremony

Accustomed to the châteaux and vineyards of Bordeaux, this time I had the pleasure of working as a wedding photographer in the Dordogne, at the magnificent Château la Fourtonie in Lamonzie-Montastruc. The old stones and bucolic setting lend themselves extremely well to wedding shoots.

I met Melis after a few exchanges on Whatsapp, when she found my number on my website. The feeling was immediate, and I really liked her sweet, bubbly attitude. She asked me to be the photographer for her wedding to Mathieu. How could I say no, especially as I have a real weakness for intercultural weddings! Ready to find out more and discover this beautiful gallery full of emotions? I’ll take you with me to experience your wedding day in the Dordogne as if you were there!

Simplicity and elegance in a former vineyard at Lamonzie-Montastruc near Bergerac

Situated just a few kilometers from Bergerac, this former winegrowing estate offers a wedding setting full of simplicity and elegance. Château la Fourtonie has restored the old stones of its reception room in the cellars and turned it into an exceptional venue. Guests are generally charmed by the extraordinary frame in the shape of an upturned ship’s hull.

As a professional photographer, I was quick to identify the main courtyard, the rose garden and the magnificent century-old park as locations for future shoots. Melis and Mathieu have great taste, and their ceremony had a lot of flair!

The technical meeting before the wedding: a must with your professional photographer

The technical meeting is a privileged moment with the bride and groom to plan the course of the day and discuss their wishes with their photographer. It was on this occasion that I met Mathieu a few months before the big day. We were on the same wavelength and were able to discuss the location of their ceremony.

Summer weather in Bordeaux has been capricious in recent years. It’s essential to get together early enough to plan ahead in case the rain starts to fall. We were able to take advantage of this opportunity to discover the site in beautiful light. That’s the advantage of hiring a professional photographer for the happiest day of your life. He has all the necessary equipment and knows the perfect places to immortalize the day.

The bride and groom's preparations, a fun moment with the witnesses

The bride and groom’s preparations with their witnesses were a joyful time. In the groom’s bedroom, the boys posed with great humor in front of my lens. Everyone played along, allowing me to take ultra-natural photos. Mathieu had entrusted me with the difficult task of sneaking a little surprise gift to his sweetheart. I was moved to play the role of messenger.

The champagne flowed, as did the tears. Then the bridesmaids laced up the back of the bride’s beautiful dress. I really like the way these shots capture the emotion felt on such an important day. And what can we say about the pride of the father who accompanied his beloved daughter to the altar?

A secular ceremony and photoshoot for the bride and groom at La Fourtonie in a chic country setting

We headed for the majestic archway in the château courtyard, staged by Périgueux wedding planner Laure Moreau. The dried flowers in front of the stone arch lend a country feel to this union, and the simplicity that emanates from it fits perfectly with the world the bride and groom wanted. I took advantage of this setting to capture some beautiful moments during the ceremony, particularly between the two mothers, oscillating between laughter and tears. This emotion is a pleasure to see, all the more so between two totally different cultures.

After the ceremony, we organized a couple’s shoot in the meadow behind the reception venue. The thoughtful owner of the estate had mowed the lawn very lightly, creating a pathway. We also benefited from the low-angled light at the end of the day, before making our way to the reception hall.

A wild wedding party in the Dordogne

Now that the couple had said yes for life, all that remained was to celebrate! The bride and groom’s entrance into the hall was rhythmic, and I didn’t miss a beat of their frenzied choreography! They drew all the guests onto the dance floor. Mathieu was funny and elegant. I was able to immortalize smiles like it was raining!

But above all, the videos are hilarious. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any more, as there are too many files and I’ve promised to keep it a secret. But I can tell you that I had an exquisite time, with real, generous people, and for that alone I’m delighted to be a professional photographer. I’m lucky enough to experience these moments every weekend!

If you’d like to discover more wedding shoots from the Bordeaux region, I invite you to browse my gallery. And if you’d like to discuss your project and photography needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me.