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  • Illuminating your most beautiful day

    Artist and professionnal wedding photographer,

    lifestyle and dog & owner photographer



I 've been already in your place, I am even married and I know by experience that an osmosis must rise between the photographer and its subjects, in order to get authentic and emotionnal pics of your most beautiful day.
I like meeting, discovering the personalities of the bride and groom to be able to take care of them the W-day and highlight their most beautiful feelings.

I shall also know how to have the words to make you comfortable and to relax you the W-day . I want to help you to enjoy fully this special and so magic moment.

My vision of my work is to drive you to new ways to tell you story, you are different than the other brides and grooms, so your pics must be different and close to yourselves.

Why working hard for a year if finally your pics are the same as your friends ?

So now, let's discover my work and my way to make pics :)

Welcolme to my world.


You are my main subject and thus my source of inspiration. My work begins from our first physical contact. To discover you, to understand your feelings, the way you are,  in order to be closer enough for the W-Day.

With my kind of routine, we will be able together to make the most realistic pics


The second stage of my work is to be fully invisible for your wedding. It begins with my material which aims to be the most minimalist possible (professional camera Fuji Hybride) then it passes by my behavior and my capacity to know how to keep the good distance between you and me.

Tips /Ideas

Verify that your unwound of the W-day is coherent with my photographic performance, the management of the light, the imperative of the caterer etc., it is my business and my value also. I know how to advise you exactly to prop up everything at best. You will feel supported and lighter the W-day. Also you can be confident, i will be able to give you ideas for the group pics or with your friends.


You will discover me, but I am someone full of energy, always smiling and full of humor, I know how to make you comfortable in front of my camera. Nobody resists to me, even an animal ! :)


You will find a selection of few weddings and engagement sessions in Gironde in these 3 galeries.

My style is rather vintage and pastel, I however like playing with the natural light which in my opinion produces more beautiful results than the artificial light.

I love testing new things and Iam always in continuous improvment.


Mariage Claire et Nicolas

Claire et Nicolas se sont unis au Chateau La Dauphine à Fronsac. J'ai eu l'honneur d'être le photographe de cet évènement. C'était un très beau mariage, la météo a été capricieuse mais au final le soleil a pointé le bout de son nez en fin de soirée pour notre plus grand bonheur.


Mariage A & A

A & A joli couple franco / canadien se sont unis à Brantome dans un château moyen ageux avec le thème approprié. La décoration était somptueuse et beaucoup de détails ont été apportés à ce mariage.

Engagement , Session de couple

Claire et Nicolas

Claire et Nicolas se marient le 24 juin à Libourne. Pour leur session d'engagement nous sommes partis sur le bassin d'Arcachon pour profiter d'une lumière exceptionnelle.

My Services

You will easily find what you are looking for in my packaged services

All things bellow are included in each package :

  • Post Traitement of every selected pics
  • Pics are send to you in a very short time : 20 days after W-day maximum
  • Pics are send on a USB Key in a wood box and also with a link for your family
  • Pics in color and Black and White without any logo and no copyrights
  • Prices are for every weddings in 2018
  • Most beautiful day of our lives

  • 950
    6 hours maximum
  • Town Hall

    Engagement Ceremony

    Groups and family pics

    Bride and Groom pics


  • Magic Moments

  • 1150
    8 heures
  • Package "Most beautiful day of our lives"

    + Bride and groom dressing and make up

    + Church

    + Pics of decoration of your wedding

    + Mileage fee in Gironde included

  • Forever in our memories

  • 1500
    12 hours
  • Pack "Magic moments"

    + Pictures of your familly and friends during dinner

    + Cake serving

    + First dance

  • Portrait / Couple / Dog & Owner

  • 130
    1 hour
  • 1h Photo session in Gironde ( place to define )

    Minimum 15 pics

    All pictures are modified in my post traitment workflow

Let's meet each other

Let's meet and talk about YOU, your wedding day, tell me where is your W-day, when and how many people will be there for you

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Professionnals in these places are selected on various and good criterias

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Q: How accompany you the bridegrooms as wedding photographer?

R: From the beginning with the first rendez vous in Bordeaux or using Skype where I try to understand the vision of the bridegrooms of their most beautiful day. Then I try to check if their organization is compatible with all the hazards and my photographic performance. 

Furthermore, by experience I manage to see few things that others do not see necessarily as the best moment to make photos according to the light, to the place, etc.

Q: What is really included in your rates ?

R: A great deal of work and of investment to make your W-day, an unforgettable moment. Indeed, I never leave nothing at random. 

As soon as you will have chosen me, we shall see each other at least 2 - 3 times without time limit, then I shall go to make a location visit  (city hall, church, castles / room) to check that everything is OK and  there will be no particular problems.

If I notice something who could perturb my performance the W-day, I ll let you know  and we can think together about an appropriate issue. Naturally, this visit also allows me to see the conditions of light as well as the equipment that I need to take with me the W-day. 

When my performance is over, i still have a lot of work . When i am back in my office in Bordeaux, I must copy all the memory cards on my computer, delete the wrong pics and keep only the best, now starts my post traitment workflow . This workflow can be more than 60 hours long. Once pics are finished, i have to copy them on the usb key and to upload them to Googledrive for backup. So as you can  see, beeing a wedding photographer it's more than a job, it must be a great passion.