Le château de la Ligne: the ideal place for a fairy-tale wedding

Imagine for a moment a perfect place to celebrate your wedding. Just a few kilometres from Bordeaux you receive your loved ones for a day or a weekend. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the tranquility of the gardens invites you to relax. The warmth of the buildings promises wild festivities and the soft evening light offers sumptuous settings for photo sessions. Now imagine that this idyllic place exists. The ideal castle for a fairy-tale wedding does exist: the Château de la Ligne. As a professional wedding photographer, I know the castle very well and if I had only one piece of advice to give you, it would be to get married there.

Lignan, land of winegrowers

Located not far from Bordeaux, Lignan is a land of culture and traditions. For centuries the winegrowers have been perpetuating ancestral gestures. In the sun-drenched vineyards of the south-east, they work in harmony with nature to produce a fruity and generous wine. Until the terrible winter of 1956, the Château de la Ligne had many vines. It actively participated in the local wine-growing tradition. Unfortunately, the cold of that historic winter took its toll on the surroundings of Bordeaux. The vines suffered and the owners preferred to transform a large part of the vineyard into meadows. 60 years later it is no longer the grape harvest that attracts crowds to the Château de la Ligne but its romantic setting. Indeed, lovers from the Gironde and elsewhere come here to unite their lives. Within the walls of the building or in the lush gardens, weddings are celebrated all year round.

The Château de Ligne, a fairy-tale setting where love is celebrated.

On the right bank of the Garonne, just a few minutes from Bordeaux, the Château de La Ligne dominates the town of Lignan. It is notably because of its geographical location, its green setting and the quality of the services offered that each year many couples decide to live there on the most beautiful day of their lives. As a professional wedding photographer, I often have the opportunity to accompany the newlyweds to the Château de la Ligne.

Idyllic architecture for a unique wedding


Renovated in 2009, the castle has a centuries-old history in its stones. Built in the XVII century, it has undergone some changes over time. Its Orangery, for example, was added in the XVIII century. Built in a classical style, the one that once housed exotic plants and citrus fruits now hosts wedding dinners. Its magnificent gallery receives up to 180 guests. With no less than ten Gothic arched windows, the Orangery is bathed in pleasant natural light. I particularly enjoy immortalizing the glances, smiles and speeches of the guests. When the bride and groom enter the hall from the garden, I make myself discreet and capture those few seconds of infinite happiness. Many couples prefer to celebrate their union in small groups. The Great Hall of the castle lends itself perfectly to intimate receptions. In a 100 m<sup>2</sup> room, lovers and their loved ones meet to enjoy a warm and convivial meal. In this kind of decor I take advantage of every detail to compose unique and personalized photos.

Green gardens for an unforgettable ceremony

The southeastern climate is ideal for outdoor celebrations. In the gardens of the Château de la Ligne you can organize a secular ceremony or receive your guests for a chic and bucolic cocktail. Situated at the back of the building, the 3 hectares of wooded grounds of the Grand Parc can accommodate up to 300 guests. In the shade of ancient trees or under a marquee, the festivities begin in the heart of a magnificent green setting. With its panoramic terrace, the South Park fascinates and surprises young couples and their loved ones. With a 360 ° view, the place lends itself particularly well to end of day cocktails. As the sun sets, it is pleasant to organize a photo session there. The golden light then illuminates the vines with its natural softness and warmth. At this precise moment, the photo sessions are charged with pure romance.


Château de la Ligne has several accommodation options. After a day full of emotions, what better way to spend your wedding night than in a castle? Some of your guests may arrive from far away and want to discover the region after the ceremony. Others will prefer to stay in the countryside rather than return to Bordeaux. Still others will have always dreamed of discovering the life of a châtelain. To prolong the festivities and satisfy the desires of your loved ones, La Ligne’s prestigious suites and gîtes can accommodate up to 34 people. Perfect for couples, the suites are equipped with private bathrooms. The gîtes can accommodate families or groups of friends. Equipped with a balcony, terrace, park or private swimming pool, the gîtes are the guarantee of a weekend away from the daily grind.



As a wedding photographer, I appreciate the Château de la Ligne for its tree-lined gardens, its Orangery and the beauty of its old stones. Each parcel of the estate lends itself to couple and group photos. The nature, the architecture and the many details allow me to create original compositions. I like to immortalize the love of the bride and groom in front of a fountain or colourful flowers. If I often recommend this castle it is notably for its geographical position and the quality of the services offered. Château de la Ligne has a private parking lot, perfect for guests from the region. Parents with young children can make the most of the evening thanks to the nursery-lounge service. Finally, in case of bad weather – even under the Gironde sun, storms can strike! – it is possible to celebrate a wedding indoors. In order to help you in the organisation of your wedding, the team at the Château de la Ligne has thought of everything! It works in partnership with various caterers in the Bordeaux region. In addition, it provides the bride and groom with all the necessary furniture for unforgettable festivities. To find out more about the Château de la Ligne, I invite you to visit its https://www.chateaudelaligne.com/ » website.