EVJF Bordeaux

100% best memories

Bordeaux: the best destination for an EVJF

Is your best friend or sister about to get married? This is great news and will give you plenty of excuses to celebrate with her.

If you’re still hesitating, Gironde is the perfect place for an EVJF, and I’ll quickly explain why.

Bordeaux Centre: There are tons of mythical places in Bordeaux, and it’s fair to say that the sleeping beauty is no longer asleep – quite the contrary! You’ll find some incredible places to have fun. Of course the water mirror is a must, but there are so many other mythical places to discover…

The other trendy town in Gironde. It is fortunate to have a very pretty part of town, which is quite lively even on Sundays. It’s also right next to the Bay of Arcachon and its famous Dune, which we’ll be talking about later.

The Bay of Arcachon
The Bay of Arcachon: you may have seen it thousands of times, you may have explored it from top to bottom, but it’s still full of surprises, and its light is incredible, depending on the weather and the time of day.

Dune du Pyla
It’s become almost a place of pilgrimage for tourists, with all that this entails: traffic jams at the top of the dune and difficulties in finding peace and quiet. Nevertheless, it remains an incredible spot for those who know the right places and times to stroll.

Saint Émilion
Saint Emilion: not the most dynamic town in Gironde, but certainly one of the most beautiful. For those who love peace and quiet and beautiful places, it’s ideal for an EVJF and a photo shoot.

the evjf photo shoot

A photo shoot in Bordeaux or the Gironde region is an excellent way to create a lasting memory. Of course, this will be just one of many activities on this crazy day.

To make the session as memorable as possible and ensure that your girlfriend remembers it for the rest of her life, call in a professional photographer!

Why choose a professional photographer for an EVJF?

There are a number of simple reasons why the photographer needs to be able to direct the shoot and maintain the day’s crazy atmosphere. If you choose a low-end photographer or one not used to EVJF photo shoots, you’ll end up with an atmosphere worthy of a Johnny Halliday funeral. Professional photographers know how to handle large groups, so they know how to adapt to people so that the session runs as smoothly as possible. As a professional photographer with over fifty EVJFs to my credit, I can tell you that I know what works in terms of the end result and the atmosphere.

Rely on a professional photographer to guide you, and all you have to do is enjoy the moment!

What happens after the photo shoot?

This is where the photographer's magic happens


As a craftsman and professional photographer, I will retouch all the photos of the session that will be delivered. I start by carefully sorting the photos, then work on colorimetry. I then apply my artistic touch to sublimate you.

Online gallery

Don’t expect me to deliver your photos on the fly on We Transfer… I’ve invested in a responsive online gallery system. As a result, your photos will be visible on your cell phone and desktop computer. You’ll be able to download them freely in HD and without the photographer’s logo. Ain’t life grand? 😁

Fast and Furious

I’m astonished myself as I write it, but I go as fast as a Colissimo delivery … except that I’m never late 🤣
Delivery of photos within 48 hours. It’s a bit of a challenge for the photographer, but you’ll be able to see your photos again on Monday and talk about your weekend over the coffee machine.

How much does it cost to shoot an ouf in Bordeaux or Arcachon?

189 €


– Bordeaux Centre

– Delivery and retouching of MINI 20 photos

– Online gallery

– Delivery within 48 hours

– Crazy atmosphere guaranteed

249 €


– Bordeaux center or Arcachon
or Cap Ferret or Dune du Pyla

– Delivery and retouching of MINI 30 photos

– Online gallery

– Delivery within 48 hours

– Crazy atmosphere guaranteed

50 €


What if your photo shoot ended in a lively, rhythmic music video for you to broadcast on the wedding day?

I’ll take care of it for you, so you don’t have to be an IMovie expert. This is a complementary option linked to the purchase of one of the two packs.