My values for your wedding

Before becoming a photographer, I was mainly a groom.

Who better to understand you than someone who has been in your shoes? I know exactly what you’ll be going through…

You, madam, will live and think of nothing but your wedding morning, noon and night, while Monsieur will have a hard time getting into it. It’s a fact, and it’s due to a whole host of sociological factors to which I can’t give you an answer. I really got into it in the last three months, when I finally saw the deadline coming and the mass of work to be done.

My wife milled around by herself for over a year, thinking up crazy details that I only listened to with one ear.

In retrospect, I realized that she was absolutely right: there’s a lot to plan, imagine and think about, and it’s not the right time to get going three months before the deadline.

My experience as a groom combined with my experience as a photographer, with over 66 weddings to my credit, will enable me to guide you and give you the keys to saving time, serenity and sometimes even money, by discussing with you details linked to decoration or catering, etc.

My values include sharing. Sharing my knowledge, sharing ideas, sharing in the moment, it’s in my DNA and I’m here just to help you make your wedding an exceptional day.

I invite you to discover my values below!

Sense of detail

Everything that is dear to you and everything that touches you will touch me and will be present in the photo report. I’m here for you, to please you and give you a lively, documented and unique report. You’ll spend time decorating your wedding, choosing your most beautiful outfit, decorating your secular ceremony, etc. You can count on me to pay tribute to all the energy and love you’ve put into organizing your wedding.

Rigor and peace of mind

You won’t need to call me again after your wedding to get your photos. All photos are retouched and displayed in high definition in an online gallery.

My delivery times for your photos are clear, written and attached to the contract. You continue to be on cloud nine after the wedding.

Customized advice

I’ll help you plan your day so that you don’t arrive late for the ceremony (which is important) and that you don’t underestimate the different timings.

The more relaxed you are for the couple’s photo session, the more beautiful the photos will be once they’ve been retouched. My goal is to make sure you relax and enjoy yourself! I’m also there to guide the bride and groom.


That’s what I’m looking for, and I make sure I’m in the right place at the right time to press the shutter release. For me, a beautiful wedding is above all one with laughter, tears, hugs, soft words and complicity.

Sometimes I act discreetly, sometimes I know how to put on a good mood to get smiles. In short, I feed off your emotions and aim to capture the most beautiful moments.


Change framing, try things out, try new points of view, play with smoke grenades or try crazy things with your friends. I’m always keen to create and capture original shots.

I like to get up high with a drone, try out unlikely angles or hide in inaccessible places to get original shots. My creative work is based mainly on natural light, and I work without flash 90% of the time.

Unique photo report

When you’ve looked at Instagram, other wedding photographer sites, haven’t you sometimes ( or often) had the impression of always seeing more or less the same thing?
I think I’m close to the Fine Art style (luminous) but with emotion.

When you hire me, you’ll be sure to have original and unique wedding photos 🙂

Choosing a professional photographer

is to offer you precious help to make your WEDDING perfect.