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    Professionnal wedding photographer

Me connaitre


We have two things in common: marriage and wedding photography.

I got married in 2015 in Saint Emilion and I am the proud father of two little girls named Louise and Jeanne... I am self-taught even if I have been using a digital camera with assiduity for almost 10 years. It was my friend and wedding photographer who made me want to dedicate myself to this activity, which made me want to relive through you this intense and much too short moment of happiness, so it allows me to slip back into my wedding suit when I see you preparing to say yes.

Being a wedding photographer is a difficult job and a very heavy task on my shoulders. It is all the more exciting because it is frightening in the absolute but not when we take pleasure in seeing you live these moments with so much emotion... I particularly like building relationships with "my little brides and grooms" because this proximity will be beneficial to us all on D-day, you will accept me more easily in your intimate sphere (preparations with family or friends) and I will be able to be more easily attentive to your needs at the time or your expectations at the moment T. So it's a great human adventure and that's what I like about this job... In the end, being a wedding photographer means loving people, being interested in them, discovering them and above all living intense moments of joy. There is nothing more pleasant in the world in which we live than that... As far as my travels are concerned, I travel to Bordeaux, Cadaujac, La Brede, Pessac, Saint Emilion, the whole Gironde and the neighbouring departments.

Portraiture photography

Portraiture is the exercise I started with, I always take as much pleasure in making portraits in natural light

Dogs and Owner

I am a dog lover, I don't have any for convenience (hardly compatible with my job) but I am not the last to be in contact with animals and their owners for ever more surprising photo sessions.


I have made it my main activity by choice, conviction and pleasure.


I am often called upon to take pictures of shops, restaurant menus, etc. It is a very pleasant and concrete activity where the effectiveness of the message takes precedence over the artistic side.