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Charlotte and Stephane’s wedding at Chateau Gassies

Charlotte and Stéphane are a young Parisian couple looking for a magical place in the Gironde. They both have busy professional lives and a devouring passion for travel.

Their meeting was very unexpected and the marriage proposal was orchestrated in a romantic and particularly thoughtful way, Charlotte could not refuse 🙂

They were looking for a reception venue to fulfill Charlotte’s dream of having a princess wedding.

What better place than our beautiful Bordeaux region to find her the perfect setting to match her expectations?

After multiple visits they both fell in love with the sumptuous Chateau Gassies in La Tresne near Bordeaux.


Chateau gassies : luxury and refinement at 10 minutes from Bordeaux


I didn’t know this place at all, and when the bride and groom told me about it I went to discover the pictures on their website. I thought it was quite pretty but I’m still waiting to see it for myself to be convinced for sure.

During the technical visit I made before the wedding I was impressed. This castle is not pretty… it’s sumptuous!!!!

It’s a feast for the eyes and I can guarantee you that when your guests arrive on the premises, they will have the famous wahou effect!

You’re going to ask me what’s so special about this castle… you’re right, I’ll tell you all about it and you’ll see that this place is ideal for a chic and luxurious wedding.

A bit of history to begin with! Chateau Gassies is a castle built in the 18th century. It is located in the commune of La Tresne, high above Bordeaux. The view over the city is breathtaking. At the beginning it was a wine-growing estate, there were vines and everything necessary to work the grapes.

But one day, a buyer decided to stop the wine production and to make it a personal residence. The land was therefore sold, leaving only the chateau in a vast park with its buildings.

The current owners acquired it a few years ago and have undertaken a huge amount of work to bring it back to life. Everything has been redone with an incredible sense of detail and a choice of excellent materials. I can tell you that I am used to seeing castle renovations, here nothing has been done to the economy. Only beautiful materials and quality materials. It took nearly 4 years of work to achieve this superb result.

Being a lover of old stones, I can tell you that this place is an absolute delight: a dream for a professional photographer.


chateau gassies sebphoto mariage bordeaux


A romantic and emotionnal secular ceremony


Charlotte and Stephane wanted to have a secular ceremony. There are quite a few potential locations at Chateau Gassies, but after the technical visit we agreed to do it in a relatively shady area so as to suffer as little as possible from the heat.

Indeed, when you get married in the middle of July in Bordeaux, temperatures easily exceed 40 degrees and the sun is particularly aggressive. So it is important to try to find a way not to make your guests suffer too much so that they can focus on the ceremony and not on their sunburn.

The bride and groom chose a round arch that they made to bloom and the ceremony was laid out lengthwise to benefit from the shade of the trees at Chateau Gassies.

The decoration and the attention to detail of the bride and groom was a delight… as a wedding photographer I am very sensitive to this and I like to focus on those details that make all the difference.

chateau gassies ceremonie laique

Le chateau gassies: a wedding photographer’s favorite

I’m not gonna hide from it. I loved this place. It would have taken 2 or 3 more days for me to take all the pictures I wanted so much there are so many spots!

The most important thing when you are a photographer is to have brides and grooms with whom the current goes well. Indeed, we are as close as possible to them during the whole day and this connection is therefore essential. But what adds cachet and makes the photos even more beautiful is everything that is part of the decor. It is possible to make very beautiful photos in a party room, because if the emotion is there then the photo will be very beautiful. But when you add a beautiful place, an incredible wedding reception hall, a secular ceremony place with a splendid view, then the photo takes on even more dimension.

So I enjoyed myself as rarely because the bride and groom were able to go into detail and open up so that I could get as much emotion as possible.

I can’t wait to capture weddings again at the chateau de Gassies 🙂

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